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ToyBox Films/Big Brother Studios Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I help the production?

    The best way to help is through PayPal donations to help us cover some of our expenses, or by sending gift cards from the retailers we buy supplies from (Lowe's, WalMart, Home Depot). You can send them to ToyBox Films 49 Spring St. Apt. 4 Bristol, NH 03222 USA. If you have other ideas to help, contact us for more info.

  2. How is the production financed?

    The cost of the production is being paid out of pocket by the producers/crew. Yes, it is expensive, but we're fortunate to have many talented people donate their time and contribute towards a worthy cause! We in no way make money from our projects and we all volunteer our time, effort and our own money to bring them to the internet. If you desire to help us in that capacity, please see "How can I help the production?" above.

  3. How can I audition for a part or become a member of the production crew?

    The majority of positions are still available. We are always on the lookout for more talented people. Your best bet would be to submit a message via our website's forums or contact one of our senior staff members, Jim Reynolds, Eddie Flanagan or Tim McCabe.

  4. Can I submit a script or story idea to ToyBox Films/Big Brother Studios?

    The ToyBox Films/Big Brother Studios production schedule is always active for future projects, so we welcome your submissions at any time.

  5. What software do you use for your productions?

    We use an assortment of software for our productions.

    Adobe CS4:

                         After Effects

                         Adobe Photoshop

                         Adobe Encore

                         Adobe Premiere Pro

                         Adobe Soundbooth

                         Adobe Flash

    Adobe Audition 3

    Sony Vegas Pro 10

    Particle Illusion 3.0

    3DS Max 8.0

    Celtx 2.9.1

    Microsoft Word

    WordPerfect Office

    AVS Video Converter

    Goldwave 5.04

    Microsoft Office XP

    Apple Final Cut Pro X

    Ulead Cool 3D Production Studio

    Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0

    Mixcraft 5.2

  6. What if my question is not answered here?

    Contact us regarding your question and get an answer. Maybe your question will be seen on this page in the future.

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