The Road Trip Pics (Pre-Launch) The Road Trip Pics (Pre-Launch) Amended Route This is the (tentative) new route to San Diego. W00T! 104814719 Tyler's Cue Pre-Sanding Let's get to work! 105978973 Tyler's Cue Pre-Sanding [2] 105978974 My Cue and Tyler's Mine is already sanded, so this is more of a comparison shot. 105978975 My Cue and Tyler's [2] More of the same. 105978976 Force Pike Bottom I will continue to sand it down until it fits as a viable bottom. A shower knob will work, too. 105978977 Force Pike Bottom [2] 105978978 Force Pike Bottom [3] 105978979 Force Pike Bottom [4] 105978980 Tyler's Cue (post sanding) This is a shot of Tyler's Cue, all ready for paint after an excruciating 2 hour sanding session. I hope you're happy! 105978981 Tyler's Cue (post sanding) [2] 105978982 Tyler's Cue (post sanding) [3] 105978983 Tyler's Cue (post sanding) [4] 105978984 Tyler's Cue (post sanding) [5] 105978992 Our Route Home A rough pic of our route back to good ol' NH! 105979067 Our Route Home [2] 105979068 Thasa Lot... Miles and miles and miles... 105979069 RV Rules and Stipulations Memorize em' recruits! 105979071 Tim McCabe: Rider #4 105981620 Cost Calculations There they are. Numbers don't lie, so start saving. 105979072 Tyler's Cue (post sanding) [6] 105979073 Tyler Blake: Rider #3 105979079 Casey Walker: Rider #7 105979080